Lazy L & L

Lazy L & L ground is a campground of fun, happiness and thrill. One can spend their leisure time in a more recreational way. It relieves all the stress from the person and keeps them happy both mentally and physically. It is an area of 25 acres with the front view of a river. The mind gets relaxed and gets occupied with the full of positive thoughts.

Depending upon the persons who visit this camp, the camping is made ready for them. They are arranged on a rental basis and even monthly rates. The purpose may vary like wedding, party, reunion and so on. The camp is provided with water, electricity and all the basic needs. It is also designed with the fire ring, BarBQ grill, picnic tables and the like. Areas are also available that can be used as playing area, partying spot, open music and so on. Other facilities available are store, volley ball courts, dance area, washer pits and tube rental. A short walk from the river leads us to the Lazy L&L Rock house that is rental. This Rock house is facilitated very well in such a way that it has facilities like fireplace, stereo speakers, wifi, beds, refrigerator, oven, microwave, toaster, linens and so on.

Many water sports are available that makes the tourists engage well. It gives the perfect deviation from their busy schedules of work.

  • A kayak is a small, narrow boat that is usually driven by a double sided paddle stick. The word kayak is a word originated from Greenlandic version. It is driven as a source of recreation purpose. The person who drives a kayak is really thrill filled.
  • A raft is defined as a flat structure that is used as a water transport. It is generally constructed with the wood that makes the raft float about in the river. It is also a water sport that is carried out for fun and thrill. Apart from the woods, barrels, air chambers are also used to construct it. This is driven by an engine or a paddle.
  • Tubing is also a recreation activity. It is a single person ride. The tubes may be towed and free floating. This can be carried out by kids too.
  • Fishing is also a water sport that is widely carried out in Canyon Lake. More hints are available that details the types of fish that can be caught.