The Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is a beautiful place for all to see and enjoy. If you have never been here and experienced the beauty and grand scale scenery available, then you owe yourself a trip. The Texas hill country and Llano Texas area offer Texas bed and breakfast lodging for your enjoyment along with great hill country views and recreation.

Though Llano is not very big, it offers many options for tourists. The past is well preserved and there are many old buildings which have been beautifully restored. It is located on the river Llano. It has captivating scenic beauty which has to be seen to be believed. It is also called the ‘deer capital of Texas” and the deer hunters fill the town in the hunting season.  If you are planning to visit Llano, then take time to research properly before you make your itinerary. There are some good websites which can give you information. Hop over to this website and plan your itinerary. There are many outdoor events which you can choose from. There are food festivals, live music concerts, and, equestrian events which will give you a chance to spend time outdoors while enjoying yourself.

The people are very friendly and helpful here and you will have many pleasant encounters. There are antique shops where you can find some authentic antiques and know where the piece is coming from. There are art galleries displaying some great work and you should visit the galleries. There are jewelry and clothing stores offering some unique and eye-catching designs. There are some great Bed and Breakfast places here which offer you some good choices to stay while you visit. These are five-star hotels with luxuries, but, definitely give you a clean and safe place to park yourself when you are in Llano.

A visit to Llano is a visit to a small, historic Texas town!

Llano is the center of the beautiful Texas Hill Country! The clear water, spring-fed
Llano River running thru the middle of town awaits your exploration.

Llano is the unrivaled Deer Capital of Texas!
The Barbecue Capital of the World!
And the home of Enchanted Rock!

Whether it’s the astounding profusion of wildflowers in the spring, the refreshing waters of the Llano River in the summer, the lure of landing a trophy fish in the fall,
or the abundance of deer in winter, Llano is a great place to spend your next vacation or weekend getaway relaxing and making memories.

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